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Global Governance for Health: The role of the university

Posted at 1:00 PM July 15, 2016, in Events

The School of Communication and Information (SC&I) and the Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs (GAIA) hosted Dr. Ole Petter Ottersen, President of the University of Oslo (UiO) as part of the Global Health! biennial theme. Prof Ottersen, is a physician who also holds a doctorate in medicine, was the head of UiO’s Department of Anatomy, UiO’s Vice-Dean of Research for the medical faculty, and Director of the Norwegian Research Council’s Centre for Molecular Biology and Neuroscience. He recently chaired the Lancet-UiO Commission on the Global Governance for Health that explored the political determinants of health and searches for innovations in the governance of health.

Dr. Ottersen’s presented Global Governance for Health: The role of the university. He spoke about the opportunities, challenges, and responsibilities for universities to provide national and international leadership through their independence as research institutions – especially for promoting health and well-being throughout the world. We also invite you to engage with Dr. Ottersen and colleagues from around campus in a roundtable discussion to envision opportunities for Rutgers to develop multi-disciplinary research, education, and societal engagement. We will give some special consideration to opportunities at the intersection of health and well-being with communication, information, and media processes and practices.