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Open Innovation in the Health Care Industry

In an increasingly networked society, those who have traditionally held information close to the vest are finding it more and more difficult to do so. This past spring, Communication Professor Mark Aakhus, with colleagues in Sweden, helped lay the groundwork for improving communication in an industry that affects everyone: health organizations. Serving as guest professor in the … Read more …

Posted at 1:02 PM July 15, 2016, in News

Special Journal Issue Examining Design and Communication Yielded a Distinguished Award from the NCA

Unlike many travelers, Professor Mark Aakhus returned from Las Vegas better off than when he arrived, having received a notable accolade from his peers at the National Communication Association’s 101st Annual Convention there last November. The Applied Communication Division of NCA bestowed its 2015 Distinguished Award for a Special Journal Issue upon Aakhus and Sally … Read more …

Posted at 1:00 PM July 15, 2016, in News